CSA Standard: Psychological Health & Safety for Post-Secondary Students

New Canadian Standard is Being Developed!

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The MHCC is embarking on a two-year project to develop a National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety for post-secondary students. Like the Standard developed for the workplace, it will act as a voluntary guideline to help Canada’s academic institutions promote and support students’ psychological health and safety, and support students’ success.

As one of the project key steps, a literature review was undertaken by Dr. Heather Stuart and her team at Queen’s University. This work shares information on emerging and promising practices related to psychological health and safety of post-secondary students. A summary is available and you can access the full report here.

The MHCC is working collaboratively with CSA Group, as the standards development organization, towards the development of the Standard. Funding is being provided from Bell Let’s Talk, The Rossy Foundation, RBC Foundation and Health Canada.

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National dialogue will begin to take place across Canada in the fall of 2018. A broad audience from students, family members, service providers, community organizations, post-secondary organizations and faculty will be called upon to discuss existing challenges and potential opportunities. Through this Request for Interest (RFI), the MHCC invites organizations and groups to partner and help inform the development of the new Standard. Apply by January 31, 2019!

What is student success? This survey asks participants to share with us their own definition of student success, as well as recommendations for how this concept might be captured in an evaluation setting. Our plan is to compile all definitions to create one, overarching conceptualization of what we mean when we say we are supporting “student success” through the Standard. Follow the link to the survey here .

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We have so much to share that can inform the development of such an important mental health standard for our students. One of our OCC Executive, Heather Drummond, is a member of the Technical Committee developing this standard.