Research Participation Request: Post-Secondary Counsellors

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Hello Colleagues!

There is an incredible and passionate student member on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) committee (post-secondary mental health) that I am on, who is conducting research for his PhD and would like counsellors from post-secondary institutions from across Canada to participate.

Please consider participating and supporting his research. This is a great opportunity to share our experience and have an influence on the future directions in our field.

Click Here for More Information About the Study

Email invitation:


We are writing to inform you of a study our team is conducting, involving the development of a mental health self-screening tool for University students, called HEARTSMAP-U. Dr. Quynh Doan, a clinician-scientist at the BC Children’s Hospital, and her team are working with students and clinicians to develop a self-assessment and guidance tool to help students better identify and address their mental health needs. Our aim is for this tool to be relevant and meaningful to students, and safe and comfortable for them to use.

If you are a clinician who provides mental health support to post-secondary students in Canada, we welcome your participation in this study. Your participation would provide feedback on the clinical content validity of the tool and ensure it captures the range and severity of psychosocial stressors young adults experience in post-secondary education.

If you choose to participate, you will first review and complete an online consent form. Then, you will receive an email with a participation link, where you will watch a short 4-minute instructional video and then complete your review of the tool. This is expected to take less than one hour, and you will receive a $60.00 gift card as a token of appreciation for your time and support. If you choose to complete the optional component (additional 15-20-minutes), you will receive an additional $20.00 gift card for your generous contribution.  

For more information or to arrange to participate, please contact our team at 



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